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What are Some of the Oak Barrel Tips in Aging Your Wine

New oak barrels tend to change the taste of wine especially when you are using them for the first time. This is because it can seep in through the wine faster and this contributes to change in taste. But as you continue using it with time it will get used to it until you will not feel the taste of oak. For you to maintain the taste and quality of your wine it will be necessary if you have some tips and tricks that can help you in achieving good results.

One of the most important oak barrel aging tips is to monitor the temperature that you keep your oak barrels in. It is advisable that you keep your oak barrel at a constant temperature all the time. For example, if you store your wine in a cellar and you don’t insulate it properly you will realize that the temperature is dropping at some rate. With an increase in temperature the rate of wine extraction will increase leading to a drop in the level which will interfere with its taste. One of the things that you should ensure is that there is proper insulation which does not interfere with the temperature of the oak barrel.

Another thing that you should do is to watch the level of wine in the barrel. You should know that new oak barrel is very different from the old barren since the rate at which it absorbs wine is higher which will in turn lead to a drop in the level of wine. You can maintain then level of wine in the oak barrel by making sure that at the end of every week you top it up and also another top up at the end of every month. Another thing that you should do to maintain the level of the wine is to pay attention to the size of oak barrel you are using and the temperature at which is kept. In cases where the oak barrel is not too big the surface that is exposed to temperature is small and this is going to lower the rate of evaporation.

Breathable silicone bung is also one of the things that you should use. One good thing with silicone bungs is that they are providing a good wine seal besides being cheap. Unlike traditional wooded bungs which are not perfect as compared to silicone bung. They are only useful in situations where the barrel expands in volume due to an increase in temperature. This is because they can allow the gas to escape naturally.

Make sure that you do the racking after every three months. This is because there is some residue that remain at the bottom of the barrel during filtering.

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