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How to Buy Liturgical Items A lot of thought goes into the process of launching a new church or refreshing a church’s look. Finding church supplies can be a hectic task, but once you find the right places to shop everything becomes easy. The controlling factors for the choice of where to buy church items are prices for goods and services plus finding the best supplier quick. Similarly, various rituals and practices of a religion dictate what is necessary for them. Different types of church supplies range from the items used for worshipping to the furniture required. Here are the kind of furniture a church needs: aumbries and oil cabinets, altars, baptismal fonts, communion rails, chairs, hymn boards, pews, lecterns and pulpits, prie dieux (kneelers), tables and more. These items are available in many shops and on the internet. Liturgical books are a fundamental requirement for any church. They include; books of blessings, books of the gospel, books of rites, lectionaries, prayer books, record books, catechisms, liturgy of the hour, sacramentaries and other sacramental supplies. Christian bookshops are places where churches can find some of the stuff they need. Other church supplies are communion bread, communion ware, clergy apparel, choir and pulpit robes, incense burner and boat, cremation urns, flags, urns, tanks, sprinklers, flagons, cruets and holy water items. Some organizations specifically produce items that churches require and make them available for the churches.
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Orthodox icons are found in Orthodox churches. They are paintings, frescoes, and mosaics of Jesus Christ, the Holy mother, saints and angels. They were developed during the Byzantine Empire and characterize consecrated figures from the past and their life. The paintings were made by theologians and artists of the ancient times. To keep them in good shape; they were painted with conspicuous colors and gold backgrounds. Floating images in paintings of Orthodox icons are distinctive. The icons are significant to the church because they are symbolic. Christians have faith that when they pray to them they will develop a connection to heaven because they are sacred.
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The Orthodox icons have a significant influence on the interior design of the Orthodox churches. They are duplicated and exhibited in the church for people to utilize them. Modern imitations of the icons are, carved in stone or wood, painted or printed on paper, embroidered by hand on machine on cloth, presented in mosaic or cast in metal. In Russia, the Orthodox churches duplicate the icons on table tops and wood. Church officials are responsible for the requisition of church supplies. They make a list of the church’s requirements and place orders through the respective channels. Church essentials are used either daily, weekly or monthly. The specific items required for exceptional church services are bought ahead of the day when they are needed.